Whether we realize it or not, artificial intelligence is all around us

Artificial Intelligence 

IBP Technologies brings you the freedom to reinvent your business strategies by integrating AI services, a library of modules to facilitate accelerated AI features development for your business. Bridge across both the web and mobile applications, Artificial Intelligence will make your business smarter on every corner. Offering excellent value for money through our high-octane AI development services, it’s time to jump into the world of AI. Bring in our AI consulting, development and integration services to accelerate your interaction with end users thereby improving the business performance.

AI App Development Services

Our data-driven solutions combined with AI technologies allow a business to enable automation and expedite decision-making process.

Recommendation System Development Services

Allow your business to build user-profiles in real-time to advise relevant information depending on the users’ interaction and engagement with your business.

Improve customer

Collect, store, analyze, and filter data based on user’s activity for an exceptional product, service, or content recommendation in accordance with customer preferences.


Tap into the opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell by providing exceptional product/service suggestions based on the previous engagement and behavior.

Enhance recommendation

Incorporate contextual knowledge such as recommendation output, co-purchase and co-browsing behavior, and other relational information to constantly improve the recommendation accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

We use deep neural network libraries and machine learning algorithms to face industry-specific requirements with scalable machine learning models

Chat-bot and Conversational AI

Power your business with our years of experience and Machine Learning capabilities to enrich client service interaction.

Improve experience with Conversational AI

Improve client experience with personalized chatbot solutions for your sales, marketing, and clients support functions.

Reduce operational costs

Increase your business sales and revenues while reducing your operational costs associated with dedicated sales/support resources.

Make your business functions smarter

Allow your chat-bot to understand what users are asking, recognize their intention and tone, detect their location to continuously improve service delivery.

You may not realize it but,
artificial intelligence it's all around us

Natural Language Processing
(NLP) Analysis

Charge your systems with the ability to better understand, analyze, manipulate, and potentially generate human language.

Understand Clients’ Point of View

Fast and efficiently scan through the social media posts, comment forms, feedback forms and chat-bot streams to find out what your clients really want.

Make Data Backed Decisions

As we all jump into heavy data future, with cloud based automation driven by machine learning and NLP tools, easily and accurately crunch data to derive actionable insights.

Make Chat-bots Smarter

Leverage NLP to build an exceptional bot. Backed by strong machine learning mechanisms, NLP analysis refines your chatbot to make sure client’s engagement has a better progress path.

The applications for artificial intelligence are effectively limitless, and this field of computer science is extremely promising. Worldwide revenue from the AI market is projected to reach as high as 97.9 billion U.S. dollars by 2023. Companies, particularly from software and information technology services industries, are investing heavily in artificial intelligence. At the same time, AI-focused startups have been gaining momentum and attention from investors, with the funding of AI-startup companies nearly increasing by five fold from 2015 to 2018. 


Predictive Analysis with AI

Untangle the data pattern, predict the result with advanced machine learning capabilities and make smarter decisions for your expanding business.

Smart Forecasting

Identify early signs of unhappiness among your clients, and address them to reduce client churn. With predictive data analysis make necessary changes to your business model, products or service delivery to keep clients happy.

Fraud Detection

Stay in the lead of any cyber attacks and frauds by integrating predictive intelligence and insights into your operations.

Empower Your Business

It’s time to move beyond simple reactive operations and step into predictive activities that enable you to plan for future and identify new areas of business.

The majority of startup companies working in the AI market are focusing on applications for machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence which allows computers to learn without human assistance. At last count, at least 31.7 billion U.S. dollars have been invested in this particular AI category. Many startups have also bet on the natural language processing market, which involves voice and speech recognition and text prediction, to name a few applications. This particular AI market is forecast to grow to 12.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2020.


Computer Vision

Automate your systems to detect, capture, and draw useful insights from images and videos.

Advanced AI components for diverse use-cases

Computer vision apps such as optical character recognition, object classification, face and feature recognition, biometric authentication and detection, segmentation, pattern recognition, object detection, filtering, etc. to address the business threats of various industries.

Enhance efficiency with real-time data from images and videos

Intelligent algorithms and software are to identify, extract, and display the pattern recognition report to derive useful business insights.

Making processes automated and flawless at reduced costs:

Reduce resourcing and training costs associated with labor-intensive, manually performed image processing tasks.

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