Robotics Process Automation

Transform your business into a productivity machine

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation is a technology that automates unexciting, low-value tasks freeing up your skilled workforce, and streamlines company operations. Pair it with AI and we get to the next level with intelligent automation.
By taking your employees’ minds off ineffective work, RPA allows them to accomplish goals faster and with less effort. What does it mean for your business? Unleashed productivity, increase control, and faster outcomes 

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Play to your employees’ strengths

Bots free your employees from boring, repetitive tasks, and redirect their attention to more effective, high-value tasks

Speed up processes

RPA systems can work 24x7, Make sure a high degree of accuracy and consistency of data, which leads to increased throughput and improved productivity

Step up business profit:

Software robots achieve more in less time, driving productivity gains and cutting down operating costs so that you can focus on increasing profits

Aim for excellence:

By eliminating human errors resulting from tiredness or lack of skills, process automation produces predictable, measurable outputs to deliver quality that is upper level

Who is RPA for?

If your company is 1 or 1,000-strong,
RPA solutions will help it move quicker by replicating rule-based tasks and
automating unproductive work.

for start-ups and scale-ups

Build, thrive, disrupt at a extreme pace to step up your growth without the need to hire more people

for consulting companies

Automate all types of work to focus on making strong relationships with your clients and solving their problems effectively

for enterprises and corporations

Taking care of employee creativity and imagination and wining new market share with ingenious products and services

What can IBP Technologies do for you

At IBP Technologies, we provide 360 degree RPA consulting services covering the development, integration and implementation of the leading Robotic Process Automation solutions.

Leveraging the full power of Uipath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, or other solutions, we will support you with end to end process automation capabilities to increase your Return of investment, enhance clientele experience and boost employee engagement. 

Ready to start with Robotic Process Automation?

Enrich your processes, reduce high-volume workloads, and empower your teams to give their best performance. Experience process transformation that affects your business and your core bottom line!

Process Discovery

- Process Audit
- Automation Road-map 

RPA Planning

- Maturity Assessment
- Process Mapping & Design
- Process Optimization
- Center of excellence creation 

RPA Implementation

- Architecture Setup
Intelligent Bots Development
- Refactoring of Existing Processes
- Business Automation Implementation 

Client Care

- Project Support
- Employee Training & On-boarding
- Best Practices Workshops 

The Services We Offer


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